4 questions

I am a big fan of network marketing as evidenced by my countless accounts I hold for discounts, and I have a multi-million dollar team that has brought me well over six figures in personal income in my short time with the company.

But this isn’t my first rodeo. I have built several teams in several companies before things really clicked for me, and I don’t believe that network marketing is one-sized-fits-all and there is only ONE company people can find this kind of success in… it’s about finding the right fit for YOU! Whenever my friends are looking at a company & playing with the idea of starting a business I’ll get a phone call or text asking what I think.

I noticed I kept walking my besties through the same series of questions. Because I don’t like giving concrete answers on such life altering kinds of decisions, I’d much rather help my friends ask themselves powerful questions and come to their own decision…

So here are those same 4 questions for you my friend! You can ask yourself these when you’re looking at signing up for a network marketing business. Good luck, this is a wonderful industry!

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