Tasty bites of Beauty Awesomeness, direct to your inbox!


I used to use a Facebook group, along with messenger, text and other means to take care of my customers, but I found that between algorithms mucking about and having communications spread out on every platform/means of connection- I was dropping balls & failing to take the kind of care of my customers that I wanted to. 

I realized that the best way to give the kind of consistent and thoughtful service that was in my heart was to move everything to one place... and Beauty Bites was born! 

Now instead of ongoing Facebook posts, parties and all that nonsense, my customers & any Beauty Aficionado can get a fun little compilation of Beauty Tips/Tricks & Hacks, Exclusive Specials & Sales, Beauty Product Reviews & more… right to your inbox where things like that really belong instead of intruding on your social media!!

I LOVE knowing that now my Beauty Business won’t be adding to a deluge of facebook notifications when you log in, instead, if you have a notification from me- it’s SOCIAL! Woo hoo!!