Play me to see the MAGIC in action!


4-18 hour lip color... that doesn't dry out your lips!

LipSense is a Lip Color unlike ANY other you have experienced. It's smudge proof/kiss proof & lasts up to 18 hours but unlike other long wear lipsticks- it doesn't dry out your lips!

Instead your lips end up fuller, healthier, more hydrated than you have ever experienced AND you can kiss your babies & man without leaving them covered in lipstick. When I first encountered it I thought it was too good to be true and actually IGNORED my friends telling me about it because I had heard it all before... and everything had always let me down. 

But one day I walked into an office for a meeting & found the meeting had been derailed in favor of everyone trying on this magical unicorn lipstick goodness. Well, when you're in a room full of girls laughing and playing with makeup, what's a girl to do? Of course I tried it too! I tried on a light "everyday" color and applied the sealing & moisturizing gloss....


It wasn't dry & tight. It didn't make me want to chew my lips off. It didn't come off on my coffee cup... It didn't come off when I wiped my lips! It didn't come off when I ATE LUNCH. I fell in love. I didn't buy myself a set that day, I hadn't learned enough to realize what an amazing deal 55.00 for a starter collection of LipSense was. I still thought it was kind of expensive and wasn't sure I wanted to invest...even with the 100% "Bottom of the Bottle" money back guarantee.

But there was a problem. I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing LipSense had been... Every time I would put on my regular lipstick I would feel like it was so pointless in comparison- it was just going to come right off! It only took a little while to realize that I had to have LipSense. When I took the plunge & got my first set- I never looked back! I have been completely obsessed with it ever since. 

In the nearly two years since then I have LOVED trying all the colors, when i learned I could blend them to make whatever shade I wanted it was like a whole new wold opened up!

Play to see the magic in action!

So…How Does This Magic Work?

Easy! LipSense's patented long-lasting color technology molecularly bonds to your lips - it is NOT a stain. You apply it in three thin layers, allowing it to dry a few seconds in between. After the color is on, you apply our gloss, which is specifically designed to permeate the color and keep your lip color protected, and your lips moisturized throughout the entire day with the power of Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Our gloss is Vegan, Gluten-free, Lead-Free, Wax-free, Non-GMO, Cruelty-free, and made in the good 'ole U.S. of A!  

But how do I get it off?!!!  That is one of the most popular questions I get, and rightfully so!  Especially since we are all amazed with how well it stays on.  We have a special magic remover which is the  perfect way to get off!  Apply Ooops! Remover generously over your color, rub your lips together, and you will feel the color start to break down! Take an old wash cloth or a cotton pad and wipe your lips off and the color gently comes right off!! Remember that LipSense went on in layers and it comes off in layers too! Best of all,  our Ooops! Remover smells like cupcakes and leaves your lips feeling silky smooth and hydrated!  No harsh rubbing or drying soaps needed!

If you are new to LipSense, the first thing to know is that LipSense works as a set. The products are formulated to work together to have the long-wear and waterproof properties!  The Color is a semi-permeable layer of color pigments that is applied in 3 thin, quickly drying, Wax-FREE layers (which you can blend or mix & match to create custom shades), the color is then sealed with our highly-moisturizing gloss (the color will never fully set without the gloss, kind of like Gel nail polish needs a UV light to set it) which permeates the layers of color pigments to deliver She butter & vitamin E down into the tissues of your lips. This is the reason that LipSense is different from every other long wear Lip Color you may have tried. It's patented system is the ONLY one that gives you magical staying power AND doesn't dry out your lips!!

The third piece of our collection is the Ooops Remover. Not only does it allow you to fix small mistakes, even the Pro's get outside the lip line occasionally, without damaging your makeup ir having to fully remove the entire product- it is also FULL of amazing vitamins & botanicals to improve the health of your lips! (and it smells like cupcakes!!

Our Starter Collection comes with a lip color of your choice, our Glossy Gloss, and Ooops! Remover.  Only $55 for three products to get you started on your new LipSense addiction!

I always recommend starting with the Deluxe Collection because choosing just one color at first is so difficult!  I always say "Go Nude and Go Bold".  Starting with two colors is really like starting with 8 different colors since you can layer them.  The Deluxe Collection includes two lip colors of your choice, our Glossy Gloss, and Ooops! Remover for only $75 (save $5 off retail) and lasts from 8-12 months!

If you are a lipstick fanatic (or just indecisive like me), we also offer a Platinum Collection.  The Platinum includes THREE lip colors of your choice, our Glossy Gloss, and Ooops! Remover!  This collection is $95 ($10 off retail) and lasts well over a year!


LipSense is unlike any other long wear lip color you have ever tried! So it's no surprise that the application is unlike any lip color you've tried before! After you get it down you will probably have fun experimenting with your application & trying new techniques, but as you begin I suggest you stick to the basics to ensure your lips are gorgeous and that you get the most wear!

Before you know it- it's second nature & you'll be applying without a second thought at a stoplight! Check out my application video and review the LipSense instructions so you are all ready to roll when your LipSense gets to you!  And don’t worry…every collection will come with a card with Application Tips and Tricks!


Girl, I am SOLd.

Long wear & doesn't dry out my lips? Yes please!! What colors do you have & How do I order?

I am so glad you asked! You can check out the colors by clicking the buttons below to take you to the LipSense Color Catalogue, check out the Inspiration Lookbook & then order through my SeneSite!